Former Green Bay Packers guard TJ Lang didn't take it easy on tight end Jimmy Graham on Twitter. After Pro Football Talk tweeted out an article about Graham thinking the Bears having the right plan for him, Lang questioned if that included not blocking anyone.

After someone tweeted to put Graham in a coffin, Lang said he wasn't trying to kill Graha. But he doesn't believe he has what it takes to block in the NFL anymore.

Graham has always been known as a pass-catching tight end. And it's clear others have taken notice of his lack of blocking at times.

Graham signed a two-year contract with the Bears where he will probably be mostly counted on as a pass-catcher. He said he is excited about the plan that Matt Nagy has laid out for him with how he will be used in the offense.

Via Adam Jahns of The Athletic:

“Conversations that I had with coach and with Ryan Pace and how they use their tight end were just above and beyond,” Graham said. . “I’m excited to play for Ryan Pace. Excited to be his player again. I’m hungrier than ever.”

Graham continued to say that this is the closest offense to New Orleans he has seen since leaving the Saints. Last season with the Packers, he finished with only 447 catches and three touchdowns. The Bears hope they have more production than that.

The Bears need him to be more like the player he was with the Saints, rather than the player he was with the Packers.