Over the last several years, there has been a spirited debate about which quarterback is the best in the game, with New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and Green Bay Packers signal-caller Aaron Rodgers firmly in the conversation.

According to Ian O'Connor of ESPN, Brady once told a coach that he believes Rodgers would pass for 7,000 yards every year if he played in the Patriots' system while admitting that Rodgers possesses more talent than himself.

Brady has put together an illustrious career that has seen him lead the Patriots to much success over his tenure, with eight trips to the Super Bowl and a ridiculous five wins on that stage. He has also put together some of the most productive campaigns the league has ever seen, and his play didn't decline in any fashion as he entered the back end of his career. Brady is the oldest player in league history to earn the NFL MVP award after putting together a stellar 2017 campaign at the age of 40 while leading the Patriots to yet another Super Bowl appearance

Meanwhile, Rodgers has earned much respect for his ability to carry the Packers to much success with his play on the field, tantalizing many opponents with his ability to throw the ball in many different fashions. He has proven to be a highly accurate thrower with a tremendously strong arm, helping him make numerous impressive throws and plays throughout his career. Rodgers has the complete package, but his resume is well behind Brady's given he's only made (and won) one Super Bowl.

Many fans hold Brady over Rodgers, as well as any other player at the position, due to his sustained success along with incredible production, but it's clear that Brady has much respect for the Packers star quarterback.