The MLB world remembers and cherishes the life of San Diego Padres owner Peter Seidler. Seidler passed away at the age of 63 after spending over ten years as a community leader. Thus, many have paid tribute to the late San Diego owner. However, a new heartfelt gesture emerged, as a mural of Seidler was created.

Peter Seidler gets honored with a warm gesture

Ground Floor Murals of San Diego made a mural to honor Seidler, per Adam Jones.

Indeed, the impressive display is a touching way to pay tribute to Seidler. The former San Diego chairman helped form a fanship and community like no other. Nevertheless, MLB commissioner Robert Manfeld Jr. captured Seidler's work well in an elaborate tribute statement.

“Peter grew up in a baseball family, and his love of the game was evident throughout his life. He was passionate about owning the Padres and bringing the fans of San Diego a team in which they could always take pride,” Manfred Jr. said via MLB Communications.

The commissioner continued, “Peter made sure the Padres were part of community solutions in San Diego, particularly with the homeless community. He was an enthusiastic supporter of using the Padres and Major League Baseball to bring people together and help others.”

Players and teams around the MLB have echoed the sentiment of Seidler's profound impact on the baseball world. The Padres are considered to be in a smaller MLB market. Yet, the passion and character Peter Seidler helped foster will allow the team to forever grow.

All in all, the MLB world will continue to cherish Seidler's life and impact.