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Panthers TE Greg Olsen most likely needs foot surgery, hopes to put it off until after season

The Carolina Panthers are set to welcome the return of Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen in the near future as he has made some encouraging progression back from the refracture from his surgically-repaired foot.

However, it is something that will eventually need to require additional surgery to be completely correct the injury, which he voiced on Monday morning that he hopes it will be an operation that he can hold off until next offseason, according to Joe Person of The Athletic.

Olsen had chosen to take this route of coming back this season without the use of additional surgery to fix his fractured foot. This was something that he knowingly decided to do in order to be back on the field this season to help push the Panthers toward another playoff appearance. This has been even more of a reinforced effort given the team’s high amount of success this year holding a 4-1 record through the first few games played.

He has been a huge part of the offensive puzzle when healthy throughout his tenure with the Panthers. Olsen has proven to be a major blocking asset in the running game while being a bigger contributor in the passing game as arguably Cam Newton’s favorite receiving target.  This has led to him putting together some productive campaigns that saw him become the first tight end in NFL history to notch more than 1,000 receiving yards in three consecutive seasons. He has recorded more than 60 catches five straight years that have all come with the Panthers where he has been a primary feature in the passing game.

These next few days should be telling if he can get back on the field and play without any physical limitations. Ultimately, time will tell if his foot can handle the workload in the coming weeks for the rest of the season.