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Luke Kuechly is officially in a new role with the Panthers

Luke Kuechly, Panthers

The Carolina Panthers officially announced on Thursday that Luke Keuchly will be joining their front office as a pro scout. Carolina’s long-time linebacker later elaborated what will be asked of him for his new gig.

“During the season, it’ll be player evaluation and then advance scouting stuff. So if we play a team next week, we’ve got to get everything set up and ready to go, so when the coaches come in on Monday, they’re not starting from square one,” said Kuechly.

As is the case with any new endeavors, Kuechly is excited to get things rolling in Carolina.

“I’ve never really done anything like this, so I’m just going to take it a day at a time and see what I think. I think it’ll be fun. It’s still going to be football. It’s still going to be around good people. That’s what matters.”

Kuechly had a decorated career with the Panthers, earning five All-Pro First-team nods and seven Pro Bowl appearances. Unsurprisingly, Kuechly revealed that his familiarity with the Panthers organization played a huge role in his decision to take the pro scout job.

“The biggest is thing is I still wanted to be involved with the team, around the game, and I wanted to be in the building because I still have a lot of people in the building that I’m friends with and I enjoy being around and I wasn’t ready to quite give that up.”

But perhaps what holds more weight for Kuechly’s judgment is his love for the Queen City and the game.

“I like being around the team, I like being around Charlotte, I like the guys upstairs [in the front office], and this will give me, I think, the closest thing I can get to playing.”