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Bill Belichick will not second guess Patriots QB Tom Brady

Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Patriots, AFC East

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has made it perfectly clear that he won’t be second-guessing star quarterback Tom Brady anytime soon.

The Patriots currently find themselves in the midst of a two-game losing streak, with the team following up the stunning loss to the Miami Dolphins with a 17-10 defeat at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But while some people may be doubting Brady’s ability to get the Patriots back to another Super Bowl, Belichick doesn’t seem to be too concerned with trying to second-guess what the veteran quarterback does in certain situations.

Here’s what Belichick had to say about Brady’s ability to make decisions in key situations of games, courtesy of Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk:

“You can second-guess it if you want to, but nobody knows better at that time, with the ball in his hands, where he feels like he’s got the best chance. If we complete a pass and the clock’s running and how much time that’s going to take and what we have left, that’s a split-second decision that he’s got to make. I don’t think anybody will make it better than him. You can second-guess it all you want, but that’s the person we have doing that and we have great confidence in him doing that. It’s a tough situation.”

Brady and company will return to the field on Sunday in hopes of stopping their losing streak, and on paper, they should be able to do so considering that the Buffalo Bills are also dealing with their own struggles.