Patriots news: Bill Belichick 'sacrificed' football to discuss recent events
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Patriots’ Bill Belichick ‘sacrificed’ football to discuss recent events

Bill Belichick, Patriots

Bill Belichick has been known as a football savant while he’s been with the New England Patriots. He also understands the magnitude of what is currently going on.

According to NFL Network’s Mike Giardi, Belichick ‘sacrificed’ football to discuss the recent events with his players.

There have been a few teams in the NFL that have put football on pause to speak about the incidents taking place recently. However, it is quite the revelation to see Bill Belichick put football on the back-burner.

Instead of conducting their usual team meetings, the Patriots have been allowing players to speak freely on the recent events. Furthermore, some of the players on the roster said that the conversations wouldn’t have been possible without Bill Belichick’s leadership.

It appears that New England and Belichick encouraged players to feel welcome to share their experiences of being an African American. While the Patriots have players of all races on the roster, the stories that some of the players told were eye-opening, per Giardi.

Throughout the past week, most teams in the NFL have addressed the unfortunate events that have transpired recently. In an effort by Bill Belichick and others to give a platform to their players. Some teams have had players voice their personal experiences in today’s society. Jarvis Landry of the Cleveland Browns gave an emotional message to his teammates earlier this week.

For people that haven’t had to endure being treated unjustly due to the color of their skin, it’s important to listen to those that have. Given that, it’s nice to see Bill Belichick give his players a chance to express themselves with their teammates on Friday.