Patriots news: Bill Belichick won't rule out coaching into his 70s
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Patriots’ Bill Belichick won’t rule out coaching into his 70s

Bill Belichick, Patriots

Bill Belichick once said that he would retire with the New England Patriots by the time that he is 70 years old, but he may be backtracking from that statement. While speaking on a New England radio show, Belichick wouldn’t rule out coaching into his 70s.

Currently, Belichick is 67 years old and has the Patriots at 8-0 in the first eight weeks of the season. On Sunday, the legendary head coach secured the 300th win of his illustrious coaching career. He is now only the third head coach in NFL history to achieve 300 wins.

The only other coaches ahead of Belichick are George Halas and Don Shula. Shula coached until he was 65-years-old and Halas coached the Chicago Bears until he was 72-years-old. After winning six Super Bowls and 31 playoff games, what else does Belichick have to prove at this point in his career?

Shula sits atop the list of all-time wins for a head coach at 347 with the Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins. For Belichick to surpass him, he would need to coach until he is at least 70 years old.

In 2019, Belichick has taken the reins of calling the plays on defense in New England. As a result, the Patriots own the best defense in the NFL with 25 takeaways and just three touchdowns allowed in eight weeks.

Nevertheless, the Patriots have eight games remaining in the regular season for Belichick to improve his win total. There is a legitimate chance that we see Belichick become the oldest coach in NFL history if he remains with the Patriots until he is 73.