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Cam Newton reveals exactly what Patriots need to get back on track

Cam Newton, Patriots, Jets

The New England Patriots have hit a bit of a rough patch, losing four consecutive games after Sunday’s defeat to the Buffalo Bills.

While things look bleak for the Patriots, Cam Newton revealed what he believes New England needs to do to get back on track:

“Just the vibe that you get in that locker room is we just need one,” Newton said, via WEEI on Monday. “Going back and knowing this team as well as I do know this team, coming off of that Raiders win, I think everybody had a full head of steam and momentum. Then obviously what happened with COVID and everything like that, it’s just been a slippery slope, walking down a slippery aisle trying to regain your footing. One thing I do know about this team is once we get that first one, that next one is almost, ‘OK, we remember how to win. OK, we know how this feels. This is where situational football kicks in, let’s do a better job of doing this, that and the third.”

Early in the season, it appeared the Patriots were going to compete in the AFC East despite losing Tom Brady. Newton and company began the season with a 2-1 record and were just a couple of yards away from being 3-0.

However, the former NFL MVP then tested positive COVID-19. New England lost the momentum it had following a Week 3 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders. In his past three starts, Newton has struggled mightily, throwing zero touchdowns and five interceptions as the Patriots have lost all three games.

A Bill Belichick-led team is not accustomed to losing back-to-back games, let alone four games in a row. Even though New England finds itself in a hole, Newton is keeping a positive mindset heading into Week 9.

The Patriots certainly have a great opportunity to finally get another win, because Week 9’s matchup is against the historically bad New York Jets. Furthermore, Jets quarterback Sam Darnold might not be healthy enough to play.