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CBS Sports has Tua Tagovailoa dropping to Patriots in latest mock draft

Tua Tagovailoa

Could Tom Brady’s heir apparent be in the 2020 NFL Draft? According to Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports, it is, as he mocked Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa to the New England Patriots in his most recent mock draft.

“The other 31 teams collectively drop their jaws at the same time. To get the fifth-year option on him, the Patriots take the injured Tagovailoa to plan for their post-Tom Brady future,” said Trapasso.”

Tagovailoa, a junior, suffered a season-ending hip injury in last week’s slate of games. After surgery in Houston, he is expected to play football next year, no matter if he decides to stay in Tuscaloosa or declare himself into the 2020 draft class.

Though considered to be an elite quarterback prospect to many, Tagovailoa is all but a guarantee after suffering the injury. His hip dislocation is not an ailment worth forgetting about; it’s worrisome, being that hip flexibility and stability is a key component to one’s throwing motion. It also reaffirms the notion that he is injury prone.

If he were to recover 100%, the risk of Tagovailoa could pay off. As a lefty passer, he showed a masterful understanding of RPO schematics, coverages and anticipatory throwing as a member of the Crimson Tide. His strong arm, elusiveness, leadership qualities and accuracy are just bonuses.

Nonetheless, Tagovailoa still stands as a risk. It is unknown if he will be the same after the injury. However, it may be a risk worth taking for the Patriots, who are witnessing the aging of Brady.