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Patriots safety Devin McCourty recalls Bill Belichick’s advice earlier in his career

New England Patriots safety Devin McCourty has been in the NFL for 10 years and has won three Super Bowls, so he has more than enough experience to have extensive knowledge of the game.

But early in his career, he needed some guidance just like any other young player.

On Thursday night, McCourty recalled some advice Patriots head coach Bill Belichick gave him during his rookie campaign.

McCourty says that Belichick told him that if he gets a fade route on New England’s sideline, the ball will drop with the way the wind is working. McCourty heeded his coach’s advice, and sure enough, he picked up an interception utilizing it, and he remembers it to this day.

“I remember thinking, man, this guy is a genius,” said McCourty, according to Andrea Kremer of NFL Network.

McCourty ended up tallying seven interceptions during his rookie year, making the Pro Bowl as a result.

Since then, the 32-year-old has been one of the most consistent member of the Pats’ defense, earning another Pro Bowl selection in 2016 and playing in all 16 games in six of his first nine seasons.

He has only missed five games throughout his entire NFL career.

Through six contests in 2019, McCourty, who has played both cornerback and safety throughout his professional tenure, leads the league with four picks and has logged 17 tackles and five passes defended.

The Patriots came away with a 35-14 victory over the New York Giants on Thursday evening and will now head on the road to take on the New York Jets next Sunday.