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Devin McCourty reveals what convinced him to return to Patriots

Devin McCourty, Patriots

While Tom Brady departed in free agency, the New England Patriots were able to retain Devin McCourty. After signing a multi-year deal with the Patriots, McCourty revealed what convinced him to return to the Patriots:

“People are going to say that because Tom’s gone, the dynasty is over,” he wrote via ProFootballTalk. “They’re already burying us, far as I can tell. And that’s fine. Let ’em. We’ve never listened to the noise, and we’re not about to start now. But the task is definitely taller this coming year than it has been in years past. There’s more work to do. And it’s not gonna be so easy this time around. That’s where the new challenge comes in.

Before free agency began, McCourty made it clear that he wanted a ‘challenge’ as he entered his 11th season in the NFL, which could have resulted in him signing with someone other than the Patriots.

But when Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, McCourty realized that staying with the Patriots could fulfill that goal:

“I thought I had to leave New England to find what I was looking for. But it turns out that there is no greater challenge for me right now than leading this Patriots team into a new era and helping ensure that this next wave of players can continue our legacy and build on what we’ve already achieved as a franchise. That’s what I’m most excited about moving forward.”

Since 2010, McCourty has been a mainstay on the Patriots’ defense in the secondary. After a remarkable season in 2019 where he corralled five interceptions, McCourty would have been a hot commodity on the open market.

Instead of signing elsewhere, McCourty is fixated on continuing the Patriots’ dynasty in 2020 and beyond, even without Brady on the roster.