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Patriots LB James Harrison spent morning after AFC Championship Game at gym

It’s been well-established that James Harrison is a frequent visitor of the gym. The social media videos of his workouts are truly awe-inspiring and a testament to his immense dedication. That’s why the 39-year-old pass-rusher remains in impeccable shape and has still made an impact upon his arrival to the New England Patriots.

One would think that Harrison would give himself a well-deserved day-off to relax following the Patriots’ win over the Jacksonville Jaguars which booked their place to the Super Bowl. However, Harrison once again showed just what a relentless and disciplined workaholic he his by hitting the gym the morning after the AFC title game.

Incline work

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Harrison hit his pecs with some incline bench work which he made to look eerily easy considering he played in an intense playoff football game just a few hours ago. Apparently, his upper body isn’t that sore after trying to get past the Jaguars’ offensive linemen.

Harrison and the Patriots still have well over a week to get ready for their Super Bowl showdown against the Philadelphia Eagles. But if what he did the day after the AFC title game is anything to go by, Harrison won’t be spending too much of that time being idle.

Instead, he’ll just keep doing what he does, which is hit the gym and lift insane weights. In what could potentially be his last ever game, much less Super Bowl, you can probably expect James Harrison to be in as good a shape as he can possibly be.