There were multiple reasons why Alex Van Pelt was an easy choice to be the New England Patriots' offensive coordinator, according to Jerod Mayo.

The new Patriots head coach shared why the team hired Van Pelt to run the offense after an extensive search, which featured 12 known candidates for the role before they hired the former Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator.

“AVP, I'm not exactly sure and I don't want to get into what happened at Cleveland, but all the people that I talk to, they speak very highly of AVP,” Mayo told reporters on Wednesday. “Obviously, he understands the X's and O's of the game, but also developing talent. Really, he is a relationship guy, which I fundamentally believe is very important. Before you really get into X's and O's with the guys on the field, they’ve got to know that you care about them.

“One thing about AVP, which you guys will see here shortly, he is a people person, but also has an extensive knowledge of football.”

Van Pelt's tenure with the Browns ended in bizarre fashion. He helped steer the ship for a Cleveland team that started five quarterbacks, including Joe Flacco, as the Browns made their way to the postseason. Despite the carousel of quarterbacks and losing Nick Chubb to injury in Week 2, the Browns' offense ranked 10th in scoring. But that wasn't enough to save his job apparently as the Browns cut ties with Van Pelt after four seasons.

What Mayo likes about new Patriots offensive coordinator's philosophy

Van Pelt never called plays during his time in Cleveland, but the veteran offensive coach certainly has some known tendencies. His offense has West Coast elements to it while also deploying zone-blocking schemes. Van Pelt also shared a strong belief in running the ball as the Browns were one of the best teams on the ground over his four-year tenure.

Mayo particularly likes Van Pelt's background as he's served as a quarterbacks coach as well, believing he uses several different offensive elements in his system.

“The one thing I would say about AVP is that he can make the same concept look a bunch of different ways,” Mayo said of Van Pelt's scheme. “That's always hard for us on the defensive side of the ball. Really, it depends on the players that we have and the flexibility that he has as far as scheme is concerned. He's been cross-trained on multiple teams, and I think that experience and that philosophy is going to do us well in the future.”