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Patriots’ Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola hung out with Celtics great Paul Pierce on night of arrest

Patriots, Julian Edelman, Paul Pierce, Danny Amendola

The New England Patriots made headlines on Sunday morning after Julian Edelman was arrested for vandalizing someone’s vehicle Saturday night. Before he was arrested, Edelman was hanging out with Danny Amendola and Paul Pierce according to the former Boston Celtics champion’s Instagram page.

Cantina Frida, the location where this picture was taken, is a restaurant located in Beverly Hills, California. Of course, the Patriots’ veteran wide receiver was arrested in Beverly Hills after reportedly jumping on top of a car and damaging it presumably later that same night.

It remains to be seen if Amendola or Pierce were involved to any extent. At the least, Amendola and Pierce were both with Edelman shortly before the Pro-Bowl wideout chose to inexplicably get on top of a vehicle in Beverly Hills.

When Edelman was arrested, it was determined that he was drinking alcohol before the incident occurred. While Edelman was released by the police, additional charges could be made by the Los Angeles District Attorney.

Edelman and Amendola spent five seasons together on the Patriots when Amendola joined the team in 2013. During their time together, the two wide receivers helped New England secure two Super Bowls in 2014 and 2016.

Even after Amendola left the Patriots, he and Edelman have remained close friends outside of football. On the other hand, Pierce used to play for the Boston Celtics in the NBA and obviously developed a relationship with both Edelman and Amendola during his time there.

As of now, Pierce and Amendola don’t seem to be directly involved with Edelman’s decision to vandalize a car. But after seeing one of them get arrested, it’s safe to say the three of them may wait a while before hanging out together again.