New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones has not been fined for grabbing Carolina Panthers defensive end Brian Burns ankle last week.

Jones grabbed Burns's ankle and rolled him to the ground after Burns sacked Jones and forced a fumble. It was questionable whether Jones had bad intentions on this play, but players around the league weren't happy. Many are starting to call out Jones and a lot of the linemen were asking for him to be fined by the NFL. Mac hasn't exactly been somebody who has caused a lot of issues throughout his playing career and he hasn't done anything like this before. He came out and apologized and said that he was just trying to make a play to stop the defender from getting the ball and it looked a lot worse than he intended it to.

Mac Jones and the Patriots are starting to figure it out a little bit. Mac on the year has 2,135 yards, 10 touchdowns, and seven interceptions for New England.

The Patriots won easily last week against the Carolina Panthers 24-6 and moved to 5-4 on the season.

New England will face off against the Cleveland Browns this week and Mac Jones will have to deal with arguably the best defensive lineman in the NFL in Myles Garrett. Myles made some comments about Jones this week so it will be interesting to see what Garrett does against the Patriots quarterback.