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Patriots videographer releases statement on Bengals vs Browns recording

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The New England Patriots may have beaten the Cincinnati Bengals, but the controversy surrounding the Patriots’ film crew taking footage of the Bengals’ loss to the Cleveland Browns last week still hasn’t died down.

The issue has reached new heights as David Mondillo, the videographer involved in the incident, has aired his side of the issue.

Boston 25’s Tom Leyden shared an image of the statement for the entire NFL community to see.

He said that the actions of him and his crew were taken out of context and that they have not done anything wrong during the entire affair.

“Before the shoot began, I obtained permission and received credentials and a parking pass for Sunday’s game,” the statement began.

“We went directly to the press box and set up our camera to get the footage we needed. We interviewed and shot the Patriots scout sitting in a chair watching the action and panned back and forth from him to what he was seeing on the sidelines. We also took footage of the field as the intent was to show what he was looking at when he looked through his binoculars watching the game.”

Some fans may be satisfied with the answer. However, the statement didn’t explain why they needed up to eight minutes of footage of the Bengals sideline.

This issue definitely takes away from the solid performance the Patriots showcased against the Bengals. Tom Brady struggled as he only made 128 passing yards, but he completed two touchdown passes in the process. James White, N’Keal Harry, and Rex Burkhead scored the touchdowns for New England.