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Former Patriots star Tedy Bruschi asks NBA to fix the NFL Pro Bowl

Tedy Bruschi, Patriots

Following the success of the new NBA All-Star Game in Chicago on Sunday, retired New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi, now an analyst with ESPN is calling on the professional basketball league to help the NFL fix their own all-star game in the annual Pro Bowl.

“NBA,” Bruschi, 46, wrote on Twitter, tagging the league, too, on Sunday night, “please fix the Pro Bowl.”

The NBA was able to captivate a broad audience over the weekend with their newfangled All-Star Game by making a competitive matchup between their marketable star athletes. Following the third year in a row of team “captains” (the two conferences’ top vote-getters) drafting their respective sides, the NBA also made this year’s game like the “TBT” tournament during the summer, with each team able to “win” the first three quarters of play before a “target score” is tacked on for the fourth quarter.

The 2020 NBA All-Star Game saw a highly intense and competitive fourth quarter with players taking charges and clamping down on defense versus the high energy but less contentious first half with alley-oop dunks and uncontested 3-pointers. With a target score added in the fourth (it was Team LeBron’s overall score at the moment plus 24, in honor of the recently deceased Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant), Team Giannis desperately tried to come back and stop James from winning the All-Star Game.

In the end, much to Bruschi’s delight watching from home, Team LeBron held on, winning by two points with Lakers star power forward Anthony Davis sealing the win from the free-throw line. Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard won the All-Star MVP, newly named in Bryant’s honor, too.

The NFL’s Pro Bowl, however, sees little enthusiasm despite taking place in the week between the conference title games and the Super Bowl. Bruschi has implored, via social media, for the NBA to step in and help out the NFL.