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Texas sheriff apologizes to Patriots LB Elandon Roberts for traffic stop incident

elandon roberts

The New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl in franchise history in 2018. Elandon Roberts was part of the team but the Patriots linebacker was also involved in a scary situation.

A Texas sheriff apologized to Roberts for a traffic stop incident that occurred in March earlier this season. During the traffic spot, Roberts was called a “big, black male” after he stepped out of his car.

The Fort Bend Country sheriff, Troy Nehls said he spoke to Roberts and his attorney and said his deputy shouldn’t have taken as long as he did during the traffic stop. Nehls also said he didn’t approve of the way his deputy, Adam Watkins spoke to Roberts’ wife.

“The way he interacted with his wife, I didn’t appreciate the tone,” Nehls said of his deputy.

Roberts’ wife stepped out of their Houston-area house after she saw flashing lights in their driveway. After all, that was where Roberts was stopped by Watkins after the linebacker was driving 59 mph in a 35 mph zone.

At first, Watkins was going to give Roberts a ticket but Nehls said the ticket was changed to a warning for how the situation was handled. According to Nehls, Watkins was a “rookie” on the job—becoming a deputy just a few months prior to the stop.

Roberts was very disappointed on how everything went down during the traffic stop.

“Unfortunately, these types of things are happening all too often to African Americans.”

Nehls said the situation wasn’t a race issue and denies the fact that Roberts’ situation was such.

“I think there have been traffic stops and interactions between white and black that have caused some of the most horrible, civil unrest in this country,” Nehls said, adding that, “We haven’t experienced that in Fort Bend County.”

Nonetheless, the situation doesn’t look great for Nehls and the Fort Bend County police station. Due to an inexperienced deputy, Roberts was treated unfairly.