It turns out former New York Giants great Lawrence Taylor may be in a more exclusive club than his status as one of the two defenders to win the AP NFL MVP award. Besides being just one of two players to achieve such a feat in NFL history — along with Minnesota Vikings great Alan Page — Taylor is one-of-one when it comes to players Patriots coach Bill Belichick actually liked, at least according to Tom Brady.

“Me playing for Belichick for twenty years, you were the only player that Coach Belichick liked,” Brady said, talking to Lawrence Taylor. “Everyone had problems. ‘This guy was good at this and no good at this, Brady, you're good at this and not good at this.' LT was the only person who didn't have a weakness,” via Sirius XM NFL Radio.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker is considered by many as the greatest defensive player of all time. Bill Belichick coached Taylor for the majority of his 12-year career, working with him as the Giants' linebackers coach and later defensive coordinator from 1981-1990. Over his career, Taylor won two Super Bowls, was an 8x first-team All-Pro, 3x Defensive Player of the Year, and is a member of the NFL's 75th and 100th Anniversary All-Time teams.

Aside from his awards and accolades, Lawrence Taylor changed multiple facets of how the NFL is played effecting linebackers, offensive line and pass rush play. Few plays instilled greater fear in offenses and quarterbacks in the history of the game than Taylor.

Though Belichick has coached many Hall of Famers and great players since — including Brady, Randy Moss, Ty Law, and Richard Seymour — Belichick sees none of them in the same light as Taylor.