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Tom Brady reveals why he stopped attending OTAs the past few seasons

Patriots, Tom Brady

There has been plenty of signs pointing toward the New England Patriots decision to part ways with now-Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. One of hem had been the fact that he was a consistent no-show during organized team activities over the last few years.

His repeated absence led to some speculation regarding the internal state of affairs during his last seasons in New England. Brady admitted during an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” on SiriusXM Radio that his wife Giselle Bundchen had made it a personal request that he stood home:

Giselle wanted him to start carrying more of the load at home. “I had to check myself.” Says she “wasn’t satisfied with our marriage.”

Brady’s comments are telling of the commitment and sacrifice that many of these players make throughout their careers. They are already apart from their families for the bulk of the season and teams like the Patriots that had the fortunate of making a playoff run every year were gone for even longer. It seems Bundchen was in no rush to let her husband get back into the swing of things so soon.

It is safe to say that a player of Brady’s caliber had to sacrifice even more in order maintain the championship expectations he has had for more than two decades. The 42-year-old has made it clear that he does not plan on slowing down any time soon. Regardless, his yearly regimen now comes with a few stipulations in order to keep the wife happy at home.