Patriots news: Tom Brady trolls fans with tweet hinting at Rob Gronkowski's return
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Patriots QB Tom Brady trolls fans with tweet hinting at Rob Gronkowski’s return

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Tom Brady doesn’t mind toying with the media or his fans. On Thursday, the New England Patriots did both. He, alongside Rob Gronkowski, trolled Twitter with six words and an exclamation point: “Reunited and it feels so good!” said Brady.

Those six words got Twitter in a frenzy, as it teased the thought of Gronkowski coming out of retirement. It turns out; the tweet was done in the name of business. Gronk was promoting his brother’s, Chris, business, which partnered with TB12.

Of course, at first glance, it did not seem as if the tweet had business implications in mind. If business was the thought, it was about the business of football. Nope. Brady, at the young age of 42, is still quarterbacking the Patriots. Gronkowski, at 30, is enjoying the retired life.

Last we heard of Gronk he said he is comfortable in retirement. Now in the CBD business, he claims he will not entertain the thought of returning if the NFL does not allow CBD. Via the Toronto Sun:

“Do I think I might do it this year? I, uh, you know … Let’s put it this way: I just really haven’t thought about it,” Gronkowski said. “Like I said, I love that I have the option, but I haven’t thought about going back at all. I’m really busy with what I have going on. I have a lot going on. I don’t really see myself at all. But it’s always just good, like I said, to have the option. If it’s this year, next year, or even in four years, I feel like it’s just great to have (the option).”

For now, Gronkowski and Brady do not share a field. It may happen. It may not. Expect the two to have fun with that lack of an answer.