Word has it that the New England Patriots have shopped star tight end Rob Gronkowski this offseason. They apparently did so as recently as three days before the NFL Draft in April and that they shopped him to at least four teams-the Lions, Titans, Texans, and 49ers.

The Patriots were likely entertaining the idea of trading Gronk before they had a commitment from him to play the 2018 season. Since Gronk gave that commitment, the two sides have been working on a restructured deal.

However, months have now passed and the deal has yet to be done. And as an AFC executive told Greg Bedard of Boston Sports Journal, as long as that deal isn’t signed, Gronkowski remains available.

“Where’s the restructure of his contract?” the AFC personnel executive said per Ryan Hannable of WEEI. “Until that’s done, I think he’s still available. I wouldn’t be surprised if Belichick is going to test Gronk’s buy-in with the contract.”

However, three of five general managers contacted for the story think Bill Belichick is “just testing Gronkowski’s mettle” and he will have a new deal before the start of the season, The other two feel he will play the year under his current contract.

With everything that’s happened with Gronk, Belichick and the team this offseason-his delayed commitment, his decision to see controversial trainer Alex Guerrero, the trade talks, etc.-it wouldn’t be completely shocking if the Patriots eventually finally did pull the trigger on a deal.

Still, it remains more likely that Gronkowski gets his restructured contract done and plays the season with New England. But the Patriots better get to work and close that deal in order to put Gronk's future beyond doubt–if they actually do intend to keep him, that is.