The New England Patriots have been quite aggressive this offseason. After signing two new tight ends, two new receivers, and multiple others, it's clear this franchise is doing everything they can to improve.

This isn't something we typically see from Bill Belichick's front office. The Patriots are more known to sit back and make sleeper signings that pay off for them. Similar to the NFL Draft, the Patriots either stay where they're at or trade back for more picks. Due to their change of approach in ree agency, we may see a different strategy in the draft from New England.

On an episode of the Move the Sticks podcast, NFL Draft expert Daniel Jeremiah and fellow NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks discussed the Patriots and the potential of them trading up in the draft for a young quarterback.


“I think the New England Patriots could be real aggressive,” Brooks said. “We've seen the New England Patriots step outside their comfort zone as it relates to free agency. We saw them completely rebuild the roster with the number of signings and free agency. … I believe they're about to go all in on an offensive makeover. The young quarterback is the final piece to the puzzle. And I think that quarterback will be an athletic quarterback.”

Added Jeremiah: “I keep an eye on somebody like Trey Lance or Justin Fields. Those are the two that would make sense for them to target. Hear a lot of rumors out there that they are really high on Justin Fields out of Ohio State. So, they'd have to (trade up) quite a ways to get Justin Fields.”

This would be a stellar move indeed, as it seems the Patriots have their eye on Justin Fields out of Ohio State. Trading up for Fields would be just as aggressive as the Patriots have been in free agency, matching their strategy this offseason.

This could be a perfect landing spot for Fields, as he'd have Cam Newton to learn behind while he develops and adjusts the professional level.