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Mac Jones heats up Tom Brady comps in latest Patriots minicamp buzz

Mac Jones Tom Brady Patriots

If you’re a New England Patriots fan, you’ve probably heard of the Mac Jones-Tom Brady comparisons. Beyond just the similar ‘dad bod’ physiques, some casual fans and trained analysts alike have seen quite a few similarities.

The latest buzz from the Patriots’ minicamp won’t do much to quell the comps being thrown around between the Alabama standouts and the potential GOAT, per report from ESPN’s Mike Reiss.

“When he had it going, the passing game most closely resembled what it had been for the better part of the past two decades from a timing, rhythm and accuracy standpoint,” Reiss writes on the Patriots’ rookie QB. “And while there were some predictable hiccups along the way — such as a bad interception on the final day that led to visible frustration in which Jones wound up and almost punched the ground — it seems safe to say there isn’t another rookie quarterback over the past 21 years who is as far along as Jones is in the system this fast.”

That’s some mighty fine praise for a Patriots rookie QB. It’s not the first time someone’s been prematurely dubbed the heir apparent to Tom Brady in Massachusetts. Isn’t that right, Jimmy Garoppolo stans? But this time around, Brady’s no longer on the roster to make Pats fans forget why they thought that in the first place.

There’s going to be a tremendous amount of pressure placed on Mac Jones. Whether that’s fair or not is a different question entirely, but the young Patriots QB is off to a good start.