Campaign season is starting to ramp up, both in the NBA and the United States political circuits. Arguably no organization is stumping as hard for a candidate as the New Orleans Pelicans are for defensive ace turned sharpshooter Herb Jones. Trey Murphy III and third-year head coach Willie Green could not fathom what more voters need to see before the Alabama alum gets the proper recognition when the NBA All-Defense team comes out.

The work-in-progress Pelicans are lobbying hard despite the mounting evidence suggesting this should be an open-and-shut case during awards season. Jones even has the hard-earned nationally recognized moniker of “Not on Herb.” The latest piece of evidence is overwhelming, however. Jones kept Tyrese Haliburton scoreless in a 129-102 win in New Orleans. The Pacers All-Star accounted for only three rebounds, three assists, and a turnover on the stat sheet.

Murphy III laid it on thick after the March 1 win. He got the point across using common refrains, rhetorical questions, and a direct-to-consumer pulpit strategy to hammer home the message.

“I mean, First-Team All-Defense. I don't even know what else there is to say,” Murphy III deadpanned. “He's showing up each night against these premier guys. He is deserving of getting on the All-Defense First-Team ballot. I honestly don't know what (the voters) need to see. Just bring up the film. Media voters correct? Am I right that the media votes? Yea? So media, please vote Herb Jones First-team All-Defense, sponsored by Trey Murphy III and the Pelicans.”

Third-year head coach Willie Green detailed in the postgame presser how the game plan aided Jones in keeping Haliburton in check.

“(Haliburton) is an excellent playmaker and player, an All-Star caliber player,” complimented Green. “But Herb Jones, his defense on Haliburton, I mean. In my opinion, that is a first-team all-defensive player on our team. He was everywhere and he has been doing that all season. This last three seasons actually but I thought we did a great job of mixing up our coverages. Going man, going zone, not allowing them to get into some of their sets. And then matching up the last few seconds of the shot clock.”

Jones finished with six points, two steals, a rebound, and an assist in just over 26 minutes of action. It's not the flashiest stat lines, sure. No worries though, the Pelicans know the avid fisherman shooting almost 43% from three-point range is capable of 30+ points in a game. It's been done before but Brandon Ingram and Murphy III were offensive juggernauts against the Pacers. That let Jones stay locked on to Haliburton. Hopefully, the national media will take notice instead of ranting about Zion Williamson.