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David Griffin says there’s no ‘shot clock’ on the Anthony Davis trade request

Anthony Davis, Pelicans

New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis has been the subject of trade rumors for months now. As teams compete to acquire the franchise changing forward, Pelicans vice president of operations David Griffin claimed there is no rush to trade Davis:

Griffin is playing the long game here on the distant chance that he can convince Davis to stay. The Pelicans won the first pick of the draft, which will almost certainly be Duke phenom Zion Williamson.

Even though AD has said multiple times he wants out of New Orleans, Griffin knows that he still has a year of Davis’ services. Unless Anthony Davis really forces his hand, Griffin and the Pelicans will wait out for the best possible deal.

Earlier this season, the Los Angeles Lakers offered a trade package loaded with young talent that that Pelicans turned down. Now that they will bring Williamson into the fold, the Pelicans could either trade Anthony Davis and begin a total rebuild around young players or pray that Davis gels with the rookie and changes his mind.

Either way, the Pelicans look to be in a good spot. They lucked into getting the first pick, and rebuilding around Williamson is not the worst plan. As offers for his All-Star flood in, Griffin will closely analyze his choices and pick whatever ensures his team the most success in the long run.