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Pelicans’ JJ Redick names Marcus Smart, Patrick Beverley as biggest floppers in NBA

Pelicans, JJ Redick, Marcus Smart, Patrick Beverley

New Orleans Pelicans veteran JJ Redick just nominated two notorious floppers to his own All-NBA Flop Team. According to the 36-year-old sharpshooter, the biggest floppers in the NBA right now are Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart and Los Angeles Clippers energy ball Patrick Beverley.

“The obvious ones that stick out are like Marcus Smart and Pat Beverley” Redick said in his podcast when asked by co-host Tommy Alter who the biggest floppers are in the league, per USA Today.

One doesn’t have to be a basketball expert to see how much both Smart and Beverley flop, though. Both hit the deck quite often and their ever-flailing arms are almost always up in the air every time they get the slightest of nudges from their opponents.

The two athletes are fierce competitors and don’t back down from any challenge. Through their Emmy-deserving flops, they annoy the hell out of their opponents and, more often than not, get the best of them.

JJ Redick also went on to differentiate Marcus Smart and Patrick Beverley’s antics to other infamous “floppers” in the league. While the Pelicans guard acknowledged that Toronto Raptors star Kyle Lowry and Houston Rockets scorer James Harden are part of the flopping conversation, what Lowry and Harden do are bit more well-thought of.

“I feel like Kyle (Lowry) to a degree, maybe, is good at exaggerating contact. I think Harden is good at exaggerating contact. But, to me, it’s not necessarily flopping, it’s more of a skill because often times, like, there’s the really egregious flops or the really egregious calls for, let’s say, a player like Harden where you look at on tape and are like ‘Man, that really wasn’t a foul.’” the Pelicans vet added.