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Julius Randle eyes long-term home in New Orleans

Julius Randle, Pelicans

Julius Randle signed a two year contract with the New Orleans Pelicans this offseason with the second year being a player option, but that doesn’t mean he wants to only spend two years down south. He told Jim Eichenhofer of Pelicans.com that this is where wants to be his home.

“I want this to be home, and a long-term thing. This is a group that is young, energetic and can really grow together.”

Even though the Lakers let Randle walk, it didn’t mean the decision wasn’t hard for them. Rob Pelinka admitted that the reason they let him walk was so they could have financial flexibility going into next summers free agency.

“Julius was an unbelievable player for us last year, a great young player,” Pelinka said via SilverScreenAndRoll. “We have a philosophy here that when a player has played here and goes on to another team or gets traded, we just want them to thrive and succeed and we wish him the best.”

“We did identify going into this offseason to keep cap flexibility for July of 2019, so you can see that the way that our roster construction is that — other than LeBron — we didn’t do multi-year deals because keeping that flexibility is big for us.” Pelinka said.

It’s clear that the Randle isn’t happy with how his time with the Lakers ended, but he’s happy in his new home. Randle is going to have a good chance to play a ton of minutes in New Orleans, and he could grow into that second start right alongside Anthony Davis.

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