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Nikola Mirotic to sign deal with Gillette

Nikola Mirotic

Earlier this month, the New Orleans Pelicans were struggling and Nikola Mirotic decided that a change needed to happen so he shaved off his beard.

“I wanted something new,” Mirotic told New Orleans Times-Picayune beat reporter William Guillory. “I thought it was time to shave. [It’s] an important moment, and I was struggling a little bit, too. Let’s try something new. It feels good, so we’ll see tonight.”

“I’ve had a few tough games and we lost, too,” he added. “I’m really trying to be positive, to keep working hard. I know each game is really important now. We are fighting for something. I think this team deserves to be in the playoffs. I think I will bounce back. I just need one good game at home to get my confidence back.”

The beard seemed to be the magic touch as Mirotic improved his play and the Pelicans made the playoffs. He has continued to stay clean shaven and it helped carry the Pelicans to a series sweep against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Now the shaving of the beard also looks like it will help Mirotic off the court too. According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, he is signing a deal to endorse Gillette, a brand of razors.

For the Pelicans now, the question is how far can a clean-shaven Mirotic help carry the team in the playoffs. The Golden State Warriors and the Pelicans will tip off Game 1 of their second round series on Saturday night.