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Zion Williamson signs endorsement deal with Mountain Dew

Pelicans, Zion Williamson

The endorsements keep rolling in for New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson. His newest business partner is Mountain Dew, which announced the partnership via Twitter with an edited version of Zion’s draft-day video:

Already, Williamson has signed deals with Jordan Brand, Panini, 2K, and Gatorade. Although he hasn’t played one NBA game yet, Williamson is in line to rake in tens of millions off companies salivating at the chance to represent the potential superstar.

Mountain Dew announced the partnership by refurbishing two basketball courts near Spartanburg, the school where Williamson played his high school basketball.

Along with refurbishing the courts themselves, Mountain Dew decorated the courts with images of Williamson as a super hero:

Zion explained the comic book style art, claiming:

“They know that I like superheroes, comics, anime, cartoons, stuff like that. They know that my name was made in Spartanburg, that’s where the world was introduced to me. And also, they took another part of me being new to New Orleans, and they got an artist from New Orleans, Ceaux Young. So, the court in Spartanburg, the artist from New Orleans, and my liking of superheroes, cartoons, anime and all that stuff, brought it all together and the mural was created.”

Even though he was dealt some discouraging news this morning, Williamson is still projected to be a long-lasting star in the league. Already, his image will be making an impact on kids looking to replicate his path at his former school.