Pelicans news: Zion Williamson's lawyers rip defendants in lawsuit for 'salacious and false rumors'
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Zion Williamson’s lawyers rip defendants in lawsuit for ‘salacious and false rumors’

Zion Williamson, Pelicans

Attorneys of New Orleans Pelicans rookie forward Zion Williamson countered his former agent’s allegations that he violated NCAA rules while at Duke, deeming the claims as “unsubstantiated conjecture” as they seek relief from a federal judge in a contractual court dispute.

Gina Ford, Williamson’s former agent with the Florida-based Prime Sports Marketing, is being charged with “an effort to point the finger at Williamson and his family, levying a stream of offensive and baseless insinuations,” according to Steve Wiseman of The State.

Following their latest win in court, Williamson’s legal team is looking for the knockout blow, seeking a judgment in their favor after Ford claimed the former Duke star received impermissible benefits as a college athlete:

“Rather than defend their conduct,” the court filing stated, “defendants seek to shift the focus with salacious and false rumors from unreliable sources outside the pleadings. Defendants cite Wikipedia articles, Zillow estimates and hearsay ruled inadmissible by other federal judges. They even embrace rank speculation that Duke intentionally violated NCAA regulations by certifying Williamson’s eligibility. Defendants allegations are baseless and, more importantly for purposes of this motion, irrelevant.”

Ford and her legal team have made numerous mistakes in filings, as well as context for their case. They’ve cited Wikipedia articles (which can be edited by anyone), Zillow estimates, and even alleged that Williamson’s parents lived in a house owned by a Duke graduate, which the court proved not to be true:

Just last week, Ford’s legal team issued a subpoena to the wrong person — only one blunder of the many her team has had over the course of this court battle.

Ford also admitted she was not registered to work as an agent in North Carolina, which would render her contract with Williamson as void under the state’s Uniform Athlete-Agent Act.

All the signs point to an overwhelming victory for the Pelicans star’s team, which has cleared the biggest hurdle after getting the requests for deposition dismissed earlier this month.