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Video: Pelicans ticket office goes nuts after winning No. 1 pick


The New Orleans Pelicans hit the jackpot on Tuesday night’s NBA draft lottery when the ping pong balls determined that they would select first in the 2019 NBA draft.

Cameras caught the Pelicans ticketing staff leading up to Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum’s announcement, and they went absolutely bonkers when they found out that their Pelicans won the lottery:

That no. 1 overall pick, obviously, all but assures that Duke phenom Zion Williamson will don a New Orleans jersey next season.

The Pelicans, which was represented by new GM David Griffin on Tuesday night’s lottery, will likely select Williamson with the first overall pick. Williamson is arguably the most sought after college prospect since LeBron James, and Pelicans fans didn’t waste any time from securing season tickets ahead of Zion’s debut campaign in 2019-20.

The Pels ticketing office had their work cut out for them on late Tuesday night, going on overtime to take calls.

In fact, according to Jeff Duncan of NOLA.com, the Pelicans staff worked until 1 a.m. as they reportedly sold around 2,000 season tickets nearly 4 hours after they got the first pick.

To further prove that the Zion Williamson hype is real, Google searches for “Pelicans Season Tickets” spiked up just minutes after, according to Front Office Sports.

Prior to the lottery, the Pelicans only had a 6 percent chance of getting the number one pick. But that did not stop the ping pong balls from bouncing their way.

The franchise’s fortunes turned around quickly with this announcement after it soured quickly late this season when incumbent superstar forward Anthony Davis publicly requested a trade from the team.

While Davis is reportedly standing his ground on his trade request, he might have to think about it even more now that Zion Williamson is coming.