As you have probably already heard, the New York Knicks are in need of a head coach and Phil Jackson is not making it easy to find one.

According to ESPN’s Ian Begley, Jackson has been out of town on vacation, putting a halt on any coaching search that may have been taking place. During his vacation, the coaching legend had some time to share some places he has visited in the past week.

Since the season ended, the Knicks have had plenty of opportunities to land big-target coaches such as Tom Thibodeau, Scott Brooks, and Luke Walton. With each of those options now already committed to another team, the list of potential candidates is shrinking and skepticism over Jackson’s ability to manage an NBA team is growing.

While many would expect Jackson to have fired current head coach Kurt Rambis to make room for one of the big coaching targets in the offseason, this has yet to happen and now many believe Jackson will stick with Rambis.

However, very few probably have any idea what is actually going on in that big brain of Jackson’s. According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, Jackson is on his way home to Montana to “collect his thoughts.”

“Still thinking it through,” a source close to Jackson told Berman. “He’s always been such a quick thinker – always three, four steps ahead of everybody else. But that's as coach. Being the executive is really different for him.”

For Jackson’s sake, let’s hope the Zen Master knows what he’s doing.