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Pistons’ Andre Drummond thinks he’s the ‘best ever’ when it comes to rebounding


Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond is not very humble when it comes to his rebounding prowess.

In just eight seasons in the NBA, Drummond has already cracked the top 100 on the all-time list for rebounds. He ranks eighth all-time among active players, and has led the NBA in rebounding average in three of the past four seasons.

Even though he has plenty of basketball left and is just 26 years old, Drummond already feels that he is the best rebounder in the history of the game (via Rob Beard of The Detroit News):

“I think I’m definitely the best ever when it comes to rebounding. I don’t think there’s anybody who’s even remotely close to the things I’ve done when it comes to (rebounding),” Drummond told The Detroit News. “It’s really cool to hear a guy like Kevin Durant, who’s loved and valued in the NBA, to appreciate a game I take seriously with the offensive and defensive rebounding.

“That’s my knack and it’s cool to hear that he appreciates that I put that much effort and work into it.”

Drummond may have the support of modern-day peers such as Durant, but it is unlikely that someone like Charles Barkley or Dennis Rodman would be willing to cede the crown to the Pistons center.

Although rebounding is something that Drummond has always excelled in, he is becoming a better scorer in the post this season, and has even shown a glimpse of a developing midrange game.

Drummond–in addition to Blake Griffin–will be the focal point of Detroit’s success this season.