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Players union ratifies CBA, making deal with the NBA official

The National Basketball Players Association has ratified the tentative 7-year collective bargaining agreement the owners had voted toward on Wednesday, officially closing the deal for both parties until 2023, where an opt-out clause can allow for either party to start up a new bargaining agreement, according to a report by Jeff Zillgitt of USA TODAY Sports.

The agreement this time came a lot easier than in 2011, when the NBA was forced into a lockout for the fourth time in its history. The ease of this new CBA is based on the huge amounts of TV revenue flowing in for the NBA, which has benefitted players and owners alike.

While a few elements of the new CBA are to remain the same, reported changes will include a shorter preseason, two-way contracts for D-League players, and an increase in salaries across the board. The player/owner revenue splits will remain unchanged at 49-51 percent, respectively — the only difference being a much larger pot to draw from this time.

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