With the Hisui Pokedex already leaking days prior to its release, players have never been more excited than ever to get their hands on Pokemon Legends Arceus. With trainers kickstarting their adventure in the wilderness and find new Hisuian forms, another mainstay feature in PLA are the Legendary Pokemon. And lucky for long-time fans, you can add the Mythical Grass-type Shaymin to your collection once you beat the main game. Here’s a guide on how to get Shaymin for free in PLA.

Shaymin is a Legendary first introduced in Generation IV as part of the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl titles for Nintendo DS. So unsurprisingly, it also makes an appearance in Legends Arceus, being Sinnoh’s origin story, after all. Shaymin has two forms: Land, which is a Grass-type, and Sky, with dual Grass/Flying typing. Using a Gracidea flower during the daytime switches the Pokemon from Land Forme to Sky Forme, but it will revert back to Land Forme at night or when the plant is touched again.

Shaymin sidequest in Legends Arceus

To get Shaymin in PLA, trainers will first need to have beaten the main game. Once you complete the main arc, head over to Jubilife Village, where you can embark on an exclusive research request if you have a save copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield on your Nintendo Switch.

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Similarly, in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, having save data of Sword and Shield allowed trainers to get Jirachi by talking to a NPC in Floaroma Town. Meanwhile, having the save file for Let’s Go Eevee! or Let’s Go Pikachu! granted you the ability to get Mew through another NPC in the same area.

However, in BDSP, you didn’t have to engage in any battles. Just walk up to the Madame or Gentleman character, and voila, you can automatically add the Mythical Pokemon to your collection. However, the mechanics for getting Shaymin in PLA have changed.

Trainers need the save copy to talk to a NPC and activate a research request, but you can’t get the Mythical Pokemon right away. Essentially, you’ll take on a sidequest as part of PLA’s new mechanic and progression system that asks trainers to rank up by “researching” the Pokemon they encounter. It will send you off to a special location—the Floaro Gardens—where Shaymin can be found. Moreover, this will contain some story content and a boss battle with the Legendary creature.

While catching Shaymin isn’t a guarantee from the get-go, having the save copy of Sword and Shield will at least gift you a free Shaymin Kimono Set. Also, if you have a save file of BDSP, you can also gain access to a research request to catch Darkrai, while the Let’s Go! titles give you Pikachu and Eevee masks.