After 5 seasons, the Indiana Pacers have parted ways with Frank Vogel after his contract ended this past season. So far, possibilities for the Vogel's replacement include Nate McMillan, Brian Shaw, Jim Boylen, Mike D'Antoni, Jay Larranaga, Mark Jackson , and Ettore Messina.

Nate McMillan is currently assistant coach of the Indiana Pacers, however, his history as head coach of the Portland Trailblazers from 2005-2012  is quite unfortunate as he was never able to lead the team past the first round of the playoffs. Given his history, McMillan is not a strong candidate.

Similar to McMillan, Brian Shaw does not have a great record while he was head coach of the Denver Nuggets where he was very disliked. On a more positive note, Shaw did manage to make the Nuggets an up-tempo team, which is what Bird is looking for in his new coach. Bird must decide whether it was only a misfit in Denver or if Shaw is really not fit to be the next Indiana Pacers' head coach.

Jim Boylen has many years of experience as an assistant coach in the NBA, but his only head coaching career was at the University of Utah, where he was not very successful coaching the Utes. With no experience as a head coach, Boylen is not a favorable option.

Mike D'Antoni was a successful coach for the Phoenix Suns and has a very fast, up-tempo game style, but does not adjust very well to new situations. This is why after leaving Phoenix, he was not too successful with his short stints with both the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jay Larranaga is a well established assistant coach in the NBA, but has only been coaching since 2008 and has only been a part of one NBA organization, the Boston Celtics. The Pacers may be looking for a more experienced coach at this point.

Mark Jackson would not be considered a good fit to the Indiana Pacers because his history with the Golden State Warriors has shown that he does not like to adjust his playing style.

Ettore Messina has experience coaching alongside Greg Popovich on the San Antonio Spurs bench, and his record of success is duly noted, but he is not a top candidate for the Pacers.