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PS Now August 2021: NieR Automata, Undertale, and Ghostrunner

PS Now August 2021

Three all-time greats join the PS Now August 2021 catalog.

NieR Automata headlines PS Now August 2021

First off is NieR Automata. The masterpiece in storytelling and game design from Platinum Games joins the subscription service this month. You will be playing this game over and over again, unlocking one ending after another. You won’t ever regret booting this up and getting invested with the characters. It’s almost as if the great and fluid combat is just a bonus, a cherry on top. NieR Automata is an instant classic that deserves its spot on the PS Now subscription service.


Undertale is the indie game pixie dream girl. It was one of the most successful crowd-funded games of all-time. Undertale‘s meta-narrative influenced many games following it. It also inspired a lot of other games in the RPG genre, and many developers look up to Undertale‘s success as proof that indie games can make it in this industry. Ever since Undertale‘s success, indie games have since experienced a surge in popularity, with a lot of people gaining confidence in spending their money on indie games. It finally finds itself in the list of games available for the PS Now August 2021 list.


Last but not least is Ghostrunner. While many might call it “what Cyberpunk 2077 should have been,” the game stands on its own just fine. The cyberpunk aesthetic of the game is very pronounced, and it fits well with the game’s intense and hyper-action gameplay of wall-jumping assassinations. Be sure to pick this game up when you check out the PS Now August 2021 offerings.