The Los Angeles Rams were among a multitude of teams that simply had no answer for San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel in the 2021 season.

Samuel tallied 90-plus yards from scrimmage in each of his three encounters against the Rams in the campaign, including his 72 receiving yards, 26 rushing yards, and one touchdown performance in the 2022 NFC Championship Game. Aaron Donald had a front-row seat to watch Samuel show off his keen all-around skill set on offense.

Now as the Rams are set to meet the 49ers for the first time this season, Donald will be keeping a close watch on Samuel — a player who he sees is quite an unpredictable talent to face.

“At times, he’ll be in the backfield and find a way to get him down,” Donald said during a press conference on Friday. “Sometimes they might bring a reverse or a screen, we all got to swarm and tackle. That's what it comes down to, not missing tackles and bottling him up, not letting him get himself going. If we do that, we can eliminate him. That's what you got to do.

“You got to try to find a way to eliminate him because he's a big part of that team, big part of that offense and they move him around in so many places so it ain't just one or two guys that got to worry about him, it's the whole defense.”

Samuel has so far posted career lows across the board this season, including in yards per touch (8.3). He sure can use a standout performance in the 49ers’ upcoming Monday Night Football clash with the Rams.