Jimmy Butler is one of the biggest stars in the NBA today thanks to leading the Miami Heat to a pair of Finals appearances in the last four seasons. Butler is also a six-time All-Star and is hoping to help lead the Heat back into the playoffs in 2024.

Unfortunately, Butler injured his knee in a Play-In Tournament loss to the Philadelphia 76ers and could be out for several weeks. However, his agent is disputing the early reports on an MCL injury, but Butler clearly will be hampered in the play-in game against the Chicago Bulls if he plays at all.

While Butler often gets a lot of attention for his skills on the hardwood, from time to time, Butler grabs the attention of basketball fans for his out-of-this-world hairstyles. Let's rank Jimmy Butler's 10 hairstyles (so far).

10. Pigtails

In a game against the Washington Wizards, Butler debuted a new hairstyle that saw him feature pigtails. The hairstyle drew some mixed reactions. However, the hairstyle surely didn't suit Butler.

It also didn't help his game. While he finished with 23 points, Butler shot 0-for-4 from beyond the arc as the Heat lost to the lowly Wizards, 110-108.

9. Curly hair 

Fresh from taking the Miami Heat to the 2023 NBA Finals, Butler took a vacation in Brazil. Here it can be seen that Butler took some time off to relax by letting loose his curly hair, which almost looks like an afro with a divide in the middle.

8. Jimmy Neutron

Going live on social media, Butler appeared in front of his fans while fixing his hair with the hair dryer. In the process, Butler managed to style his hair in the same way as another Jimmy, Jimmy Neutron, who is known to many as an animated character that's a genius inventor.

7. The Emo look

Before the start of the 2023-24 season, Butler surprised basketball fans with his new “emo” look. Unlike his previous hairstyles, Butler decided to straighten his hair to pull off this look.

The “emo” look certainly made waves during the NBA Media Day. Although the new look drew reactions from social media, it's safe to say that this wasn't his best.

6. Dreadlocks

Before Emo Jimmy, Butler first started the NBA Media Day tradition by showing off his long dreadlocks a season prior. With the dreadlocks let loose, it was surprising for fans to see Butler such a long hairstyle. It's also the time when Butler sported the most hair in his entire NBA career. But the bottom line is, Butler surely looks better in a different haircut.

5. Bald

Back during his college days, Butler actually sported a bald look while he was suiting up for Marquette. In fact, basketball fans have even joked about a bald Jimmy Butler being the “secret son” of no other than Michael Jordan.

But around the time Butler was still attending Marquette, Butler confessed that he almost quit basketball. Fortunately, Butler didn't. Butler is the face of the Heat franchise and an NBA superstar that's living well away from poverty.

4. Short hairstyle

When Butler made it to the NBA, he first sported a short hairstyle. If basketball fans remember it correctly, this was the same Butler who did his best to make the Bulls relevant despite Derrick Rose's major knee injury.

Thanks to Butler's rise, the Bulls still managed to stay competitive. From averaging 2.6 points per game in his rookie season, Butler turned it around in his fourth NBA season en route to becoming a certified All-Star.

3. Manbun

In a game against the New Orleans Pelicans, Butler once again sported a new look, which is a Manbun. With a Manbun, Butler looks neat.

But more importantly, the six-time All-Star led the Heat to a 100-96 victory over the Pelicans. He tallied 18 points, four rebounds, and two assists while shooting 71 percent from the field overall.

2. Braids

Many people will agree that Butler's braids is the current comfort zone when it comes to his hairstyle. In braids, Butler has produced some of the most iconic moments in his NBA career.

During the 2022 playoffs, Butler exploded for 47 points against the Boston Celtics to go along with nine rebounds and eight assists. A year later, Butler poured in a new playoff career-high 56 points in Game 4 at the expense of the Milwaukee Bucks. In addition to this, this hairstyle was the same one he sported when he led the Heat to the 2023 NBA Finals.

1. Twisties with low fade

Aside from the braids, Butler also sported twisties with a low fade for the most part of his prime years. In his hairstyle, Butler emerged as the Heat's franchise star by leading them to the 2020 NBA Finals, the first Finals appearance for the franchise since 2014.

Moreover, Butler also broke some Finals records in the process, highlighted by becoming only the third NBA player to register a 40-point triple-double in the Finals.