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Raptors fan Drake gets blasted for emotional farewell post to Kyle Lowry

Drake, Kyle Lowry, Raptors, Heat

Drake got some people showing fake love to him. Straight up to his face, straight up to his face.

Yup, Drake has found himself on the wrong end of the news once again after posting an emotional farewell post to Kyle Lowry. The award-winning rapper took to Instagram Stories to express his gratitude to Lowry for his memorable years with the Toronto Raptors. He posted a photo of him with Lowry and former Raptors star DeMar DeRozan and wrote a short caption (via The Sports Rush).

“The city is yours eternally and we wish you the best in south beach. We will continue to celebrate you.”

While the tribute was kind of sweet in a Drake way, not many fans agreed. He got absolutely blasted on Twitter, as some Raptors supporters called him a bandwagon fan, a fake fan, or simply an idiot.


One fan pointed out that it felt like Drake was not really saluting Lowry.

Lowry’s legacy with the Raptors will never ever be forgotten. One could argue that he’s more important to the franchise than Vince Carter. After all, the veteran playmaker brought an NBA championship to Jurassic Park and was stayed loyal to the squad during the terrible years.

Now that he’s at the tail-end of his career, Kyle Lowry has a good chance of winning another ring with the Miami Heat, teaming up with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. The only question now perhaps is: When will we see Drake partying in a Heat jersey in South Beach?