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Jay Williams doesn’t think Kawhi Leonard wrote ‘Thank You!’ letter to Spurs fans

Jay Williams, Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard has finally released a statement for the Spurs organization. In a ‘Thank You’ letter, he expressed his gratitude to the city, its fans, the Spurs organization and to Gregg Popovich. However, not all are convinced it was sincere and Leonard himself wrote it.

Spurs reporter Jabari Young posted the letter to his social media account:

In Thursday morning’s episode of ‘Get Up!’ on ESPN, Jay Williams says he’s not buying it. Williams believes that Leonard’s camp has to do some image repair for their star who was cast as the villain ever since he declined to play for the Spurs despite getting clearance from the medical staff.

“I honestly don’t feel like Kawhi wrote that. It’s like ‘hey team, let’s find some way to smooth this thing over.’ And we talk a lot about athletes being authentic to who they are… I don’t think that’s Kawhi. And almost, in a way, I wish he wouldn’t have said anything – because that’s who Kawhi is. He doesn’t really say anything. And that’s fine, just let your play prove or dictate how you feel on the court. But that wasn’t Kawhi.”

The Klaw has been silent the entire ordeal until the Spurs management decided to finally pull the trigger on his trade. Kawhi Leonard was shipped to Toronto this offseason, together with Danny Green, in exchange for DeMar DeRozan,  Jacob Poeltl and a first-round pick.

Now that the Kawhi-Spurs drama is finally over, it’s a good thing both camps can finally move on. While it takes some time for The Klaw and DeRozan to adjust to their new teams, ultimately, it is time to move on and be professional about it. After all, getting traded is part of an NBA player’s life.