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Toronto to dip their toes into the WNBA

Masai Ujiri, Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors, led by president and vice chairman Masai Ujiri, have earned respect from the NBA as one of the league’s best franchises. Now, the championship-winning organization could be expanding into a new domain of professional basketball: the WNBA.

Toronto’s possible expansion into the WNBA has circulated as the league looks to add an additional two franchises in the next year.

Earlier this offseason, Ujiri addressed the Raptors organization’s goals to expand into other facets of basketball, including women’s athletics. Ujiri was careful to not reveal too much at the time:

Via SI Raptors:

“Oh, I’m not going into that,” the Toronto Raptors president and vice-chairman replied with a smile. “Our dreams, just like the Lakers.”

The Raptors are one of the best-run franchises in North American sports. Their available assets and elite management provide huge potential for success in terms of adding another franchise. Per Chantel Jennings and Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic, the WNBA has already given Toronto the initial “checkmark” for consideration as an expansion city.

“One thing the league did want was to make sure the Toronto team was more than majority Canadian owned, and we didn’t get some overseas money or anything weird like that,” New Media Sports & Entertainment chairman Max Abrahams told The Athletic. “We have all the money here in market in Toronto accessible.”

New Media Sports & Entertainment is headlining the expansion alongside Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, the Raptors ownership group.

Although this development is still in its early stages, this level of support towards expanding the WNBA creates an exciting possibility for the league and its fans.