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Video: DeMar DeRozan’s wife catches ball while holding baby

DeMar DeRozan

The Toronto Raptors kicked off the new season with a home game against the Chicago Bulls on Thursday. Many of the Raptors players’ friends and families were in attendance, but there was one particular person in the crowd that caught the eye of the media by, well, catching a loose ball.

In the video below, a desperation heave by Chicago’s Ryan Arcidiacono to end the first quarter sailed short of the rim and ended up on the baseline, where DeMar DeRozan’s wife was seated and with the ball landing on the palm of DeMar’s significant other. What makes the clip all the more entertaining is that DeRozan’s wife caught the ball while holding their baby with the other hand:

There are several NBA players who come from a long line of successful parents who’ve also played in the league. However, this may be the first instance wherein some of the on-court talent has also rubbed off on a player’s spouse who has no prior experience in competitive basketball.

What would’ve made this video even more viral is if DeRozan’s bundle of joy was the one who caught the bricked shot instead of her mom. And only time will tell if the Raptors star’s baby girl will grow up to become a standout baller like her daddy after watching this clip at the right age.