Ravens news: Lamar Jackson responds to Patriots QB Tom Brady challenging him to a race
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Ravens’ Lamar Jackson responds to Patriots QB Tom Brady challenging him to a race

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While the Baltimore Ravens pulverized the New York Jets on “Thursday Night Football,” New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had a grand idea. Why not challenge Lamar Jackson — one of the fastest quarterbacks in NFL history — to a race?

Of course, Brady’s challenge (announced on Twitter) wasn’t as simple as a foot race that Jackson would win like he’s done for his last 10 outings. The 42-year-old would get to run with shoes on. The 22-year-old would have to wear roller blades. On grass. He also wants it on pay per view.

Jackson responded to the challenge, saying, via ESPN:

“He thought he could win that race. Rollerblades on grass? Oh man, I’m going to see what I could do. Tom’s still got a little bit in him. I’ve seen him.”

Would Jackson win the race against Brady, despite being in roller blades on grass? It would be close. While the Ravens quarterback is the fastest rated quarterback in Madden history, Tommy Terrific isn’t as well known for his speed as his rings. In 2000, he ran a 5.30 second 40-yard-dash at the NFL Combine. I would be willing to bet that 19 years later, he’s lost a bit of that speed.

Of course, roller blades on grass is a major hindrance. However, this isn’t any quarterback we are talking about here. It’s Lamar Jackson. Judging by watching him since his days at Boynton Beach, he’s pretty fast. I would say that Jackson would win by a tiny bit, just based on having more trust in his legs than Brady.