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Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Man City could all be axed from Champions League semifinals due to Super League formation

Super League, Man City, Chelsea, Real Madrid

As if all of Europe wasn’t already fuming over the formation of the Super League, we may even see this year’s Champions League semifinalists face major implications for their involvement.

Reports surfaced on Monday that UEFA could be taking the necessary steps to punish Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Man City for agreeing to the Super League by axing them from the last four of Europe’s most prized competition.

According to Jesper Møller, the Danish FA chairman, he expects the members of the breakaway group to be ousted, per CBS Sports’ Mike Goodman:

“[Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea] are going out, and I expect that to happen on Friday,” Møller said to Danish outlet DR Sport. “And then you have to see how to finish the Champions League.”

This is just a day after it was announced that UEFA would also ban any players on one of these 12 sides in the Super League from playing in this summer’s European Championships, while World Cup bans would also follow.

This is simply an example of the rich trying to get richer. The fans are the heart and soul of football across the world and without them in the stands across the last 12 months, there simply hasn’t been the same excitement. Yet, all the owners care about is money.

It’s unknown how the UEFA Champions League semifinals would proceed if all three of these clubs were automatically eliminated. But, it could be the proper answer to the formation of the Super League. Also, players aren’t going to be keen on missing out on featuring for their countries.

It’s a sad reality that some of the biggest outfits across the continent have agreed to such a preposterous league. But it’s clear, UEFA, and even FIFA, will not go down without a fight, along with all of the supporters who are currently protesting.