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Real Madrid prepared to face FC Barcelona, Juventus in U.S. thanks to legendary partnership

Real Madrid, U.S. soccer, NIVEA Men

Real Madrid is gearing up for a summer tournament on U.S. turf that will see them face high-end clubs such as FC Barcelona and Juventus. But how is this possible? Why is a legendary club such as Real Madrid playing this tournament in the U.S? Real Madrid and NIVEA Men announced a global partnership which is set to be introduced in the U.S. this month. 

NIVEA Men by Beiersdorf is celebrating its 100th anniversary this month. It has become a staple amongst men’s skin care. It is also well-known in the sports world. Popular soccer coach Jurgen Klopp is a spokesperson for NIVEA Men. Additionally, they have partnered with other professional soccer clubs including Liverpool and PSG. 

Real Madrid is a historic soccer club. FIFA even gave Real Madrid the title of “Best Football Club of the 20th Century.”

As a result of their storied histories, NIVEA Men and Real Madrid are a natural fit for one another. And U.S. soccer fans will be rewarded as a result.

Many U.S. soccer fans follow the sport in Europe intensely. European soccer is considered by many to offer the best product. So receiving the opportunity to watch clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Juventus in person will be a dream come true for many U.S. soccer fans.

Additionally, this partnership will be productive for the overall growth of soccer. NIVEA Men is providing a chance for people in the U.S. to watch an extremely impressive brand of soccer.

Real Madrid and Nivea Men won’t stop at this summer tournament, as they plan to connect with U.S. soccer fans through social media over the next three years.