Redskins news: Doug Williams isn't counting out Alex Smith for 2019 NFL season
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Doug Williams isn’t counting out Redskins QB Alex Smith for 2019 NFL season

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The first thought when Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith went down with injury was for his health, but the second question that had to be asked was what would the quarterback position look like for the team going forward.

Most of the talk so far this offseason has been that the team would need to find a new quarterback for the 2019 season but Doug Williams the Redskins¬†senior vice president of player personnel isn’t ready to count out Williams just yet.

“[We are] also waiting to see what really happens with Alex Smith,” Williams told the NFL Network’s Steve Wyche on Saturday at the Black College Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony via “I mean, I know a lot of people’s counting him out, but you’re talking about a guy that’s been working all his life and you never know what’s gonna happen.”

Williams was asked what his approach to the offseason was going to be with the quarterback position and he stressed just how important it is that the team is patient because it is only February.

“You know, we’ve still got time; we haven’t really gotten into free [agency] yet,” said Williams, a former Super Bowl MVP for the Redskins. “I think once we sit down and meet with all the coaches and all the staff, which is supposed to start next week, [we will start] getting into the free agent[s] and looking at the board as to who’s out there and who might possibly be out there.”

This is going to be a story that will pick up more steam as the offseason continues, and as updates on Smith’s help continue to come in.