Redskins news: Jay Gruden says he will feel 'very good' if Colt McCoy is starting QB in 2019
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Jay Gruden says he will feel ‘very good’ if Colt McCoy is Redskins’ starting QB in 2019

Jay Gruden, Colt McCoy, Redskins

It is no secret that there is plenty of uncertainty under center for the Washington Redskins. However, it appears head coach Jay Gruden is optimistic at the prospect of quarterback Colt McCoy leading the offense.

Washington has indicated that they will explore all options at quarterback this offseason. According to Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk, Gruden is seemingly content if McCoy ends up being the starter.

“Always looking for competition for sure,” Gruden said. “You know Colt had a great opportunity last year, and unfortunately he got hurt, but everybody knows the organization feels very good about Colt if he’s the starter, but competition is very good, especially at the quarterback position.”

With quarterback Alex Smith seemingly set to miss the 2019 NFL season, Washington is well-aware that they must stabilize their issues under center if they hope to compete. This became evident last season when they went from first to worst in the NFC East following Smith’s devastating knee injury.

It is easy to see where Gruden’s confidence in McCoy stems from. He has served as the backup in Washington for the last five seasons and is well-acquainted with the offense. McCoy was still trying to find his footing as the starter when he suffered a broken fibula in Week 13 versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

Regardless, it is safe to say that McCoy will not be the long-term option under center for Washington. They will eventually need to develop a young, talented quarterback to take over at some point in the near future. They could very well use the 15th overall pick in this year’s draft to do so.